Refinishing and Renovation

If you have existing wood floors that are worn or damaged, we can repair your floors, sand, buff and refinish your floors to bring them back to their original beauty. Or, we can give your floors a makeover – we can sand your floors and make them a completely different color then what you currently have.

We can transform dark wood into light wood and light wood into dark wood. We have high efficiency, state of the art machines used to sand and finish wood flooring. These machines do not produce the typical large amounts of dust and fumes you get with standard sanders and finishers. Please call us for a professional evaluation and estimate.

Historical Preservation

We work directly with preservationists, architects and general contractors to restore historical floors to their original quality and better. We are able to source any type of wood needed including reclaimed wood and river recovered wood. We can recreate any pattern ever made. We can repair or replace some or all of the existing wood, then finish (or refinish) the flooring to restore the look of the original floor. We have worked on special restoration projects at Viscaya in Miami, The Vanderbilt Mansion on Fisher Island, The Gusman Olympia Theater at the University of Miami., and the Ft. Lauderdale Woman’s Club.

Maintenance Programs

We offer maintenance programs for wood floors in restaurants, hotels and commercial buildings. We work to maintain these high traffic areas to keep them at their highest standards, so that they always look their best. We can send our team out monthly, biannually, or when the need arises. Our teams can work during off peak hours and even overnight if required.


We work with ship architects and designers. We work on new yachts, older yachts, and yachts under refit to install beautiful wood floors and vinyl floors in their interior spaces. We can meet the yacht anywhere for consultations and installations.


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